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Top 10 list - weird travel advice

  1. To encourage a good deep sun tan eat plenty of carrots and apricots from about a month before you go away.
  2. Combat jet lag with a ball point pen. Take the blunt end and press it into the ball of your big toe several times. This massages a pressure point that relieves tiredness and nausea.
  3. To stop your feet swelling in flight try a Chinese remedy - put your feet in brown paper bags, then put your flight socks over the top.
  4. To help children overcome varying pressure on takeoff and landing get them to do impressions of a hippo or crocodile - opening their mouths really wide will help equalise the pressure in their ears.
  5. On the beach half fill a carrier bag with sand a put it under your towel for a hard but comfortable pillow.
  6. Eating garlic keeps mosquitoes (and everyone else) away.
  7. If you're bitten by insects reduce irritation with an ice cube.
  8. If you get sunburnt and don't have aftersun dab on vinegar to ease the pain.
  9. Stop creepy crawlies getting into bed with you by applying Vaseline or shaving gel around the legs of your bed
  10. Tarantulas usually come in pairs - so if you find one, look for the other one………


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