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Top 10 list - things to do whilst stranded at the airport

  1. People watch - there are few places more emotionally charged than airports. Play 'people bingo'! For tear-jerkers, linger at gates with departing flights. For happier moments, stick to arrivals. Try matching people with their partners, kids with their parents. Pick a couple of colours and count the people entering the room wearing them. The list is endless!
  2. Call your mum, dad, brother or sister - what better time? You have nothing else to do so you can spend some quality time and really focus on the conversation.
  3. Have a picnic - invest your left over currency (or coins if you're still in the UK) in coffee or cold drinks, fast food and sweets. Find a spot on the floor and enjoy.
  4. Catch up on your reading list - there's always an airport bookshop. Pick up a trashy novel and enjoy.
  5. Discover a new magazine - buy a magazine you would never subscribe to and read it cover to cover. Men might try Cosmopolitan as an eye openerů..
  6. Get to know the airport pub or bar - you may pay £5 for a beer, but the entertainment is free and people watching in a bar is more fun than at any other place in the airport.
  7. Strike up a conversation - there's nothing like a flight delay to bring people together. Each update brings smiles or frowns. Use the next icebreaker to start a conversation with that friendly person seated next to you!
  8. Plan your holiday or your first few weeks at home - a holiday is a great time to review your priorities. Get out a notebook and plan your week or your life. Some of the most perceptive observations can be made thousands of miles from home.
  9. Sleep - but without an alarm clock or alert companion, this one must be done very carefully.
  10. Watch the screen for updates, argue with your travelling companions and shout at the airport staff. Not recommended, but around 30% of people stranded at an airport choose to do it anyway!

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