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Top 10 list - Beach Websites

What's the best way to check out the beach before you get there? To ensure the beach you plan to visit is safe and clean, or just to dream on a cold rainy day, visit these great beach websites.

  1. seasideawards.org.uk - this website gives very detailed information on over 330 beaches in the UK deemed worthy of a god star and a tick (based on cleanliness and overall beach 'management').
  2. goodbeachguide.co.uk - this is the marine conservation society's website. It lists over 400 recommended beaches in the UK.
  3. nationaltrust.org.uk - find out about the wildlife and children's activities at popular UK beaches at the national trusts website.
  4. northcornwall-live.com - all of the information you'll need on the beaches at the UK's surfers paradise.
  5. beachwizard.com - spreading our winds slightly, this website has reviews and pictures of the best places to surf in Europe - over 500 beaches including almost 300 in the UK.
  6. Discovery Channel beach guide - going worldwide, this excellent website points you to America's best and to the worlds best beaches (and has some stunning photography).
  7. SurfSun.com - offers a good online guide to beaches in north America and the Caribbean.
  8. Florida Beach Guide - for a more detailed look at all of the beaches at the UK's favourite holiday spot.
  9. Beach California - if your 'California dreaming' then this is the site for you. Over 150 photographs of California's best beaches.
  10. british-naturism.org.uk - a final thought, this website lists all of the UK's official naturist beaches....

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